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Without your data, your business probably would not function. This is why we understand that you have to start with the end in mind. Your budget, business goals and overall functionality play a keep part in how your data network is designed, installed and supported.

With a proper design it means that communication between you and your team and you and your clients is flawless so work progresses smoothly and you can steadily increase revenue and sustainability of your business.

Our team will work with you to design, implement and support your overall solution through every stage of engagement until your business goals are completely met.


Wireless technology has profoundly evolved and substantially proliferated since its inception in 1997. WiFi is needed by every business in existence from private use to campuses, sports arenas, retail stores, enterprise-wide and common carrier wireless metropolitan area networks. But not all Wi-Fi is created equally and that is where most of you will find a challenge.

Knowing your intentions will save you time, money and resources and ensure that you invest in the right system that works best for your business up front. Mobility and the elimination of a wired infrastructure; the key benefits of wireless operation, give users the flexibility to communicate from wherever they may be at any given time. This has dramatically changed the way the world does business.

Our team of certified and experienced Wireless Engineers will work with you to determine and implement the most appropriate Wi-Fi solution for your business.

Wi-Fi Site Surveys & Reporting

The success of any Wi-Fi solution is hinged heavily on the design. The proper Design of a Wi-Fi solution entails many supporting activities that all form a complete understanding of the physical and logical requirements of the intended solution.

A critical part of the design is the actual physical survey of the intended coverage area. This is a task that is often neglected by many businesses and this is one of the major causes of connectivity issues. If you are in an environment where you experience symptoms like continuous signal drops, slow performance on some applications, staff or clients keep complaining about getting online or you keep experiencing outages; then more than likely, the design that has been implemented for your business was done without a proper Wi-Fi survey of the intended coverage area.

We know this can lead to frustration, loss of productivity , time and resources for your business. Instead you want the assurance of knowing that your Wi-Fi solution is consistently working so you can focus on the more critical areas of your business operations.

Physical survey + Design = Wi-Fi solution

Our BLU team stands ready to conduct site surveys and then engage and implement the best design solution for the sustainability of your business.


Voice over IP has grown to be one of the most recognised technologies to deliver cost effective voice communications. Companies worldwide continue to use this technology to eliminate the barriers that traditionally prevented them from doing business. Some VoIP solutions now come with capabilities to include Video as well which adds a more personal touch to any communication platform.

The benefits when you utilize VoIP is that you can save money on your phone bill, it is portable, it is flexible and it is multifunctional. With VoIP you are always connected to your staff and your clients so you can create and grow a sustainable business.

At BLU Networks, we have worked with major VoIP providers like Nortel Networks, Avaya etc who have provided us with the best tools to implement this service to our clients. We have tried and tested these tools and it is because of that we can recommend many of these services for your business.

Let us work with you to deliver a cutting edge Voice solution that will deliver on its promise to your business.


Have you ever been hacked? Has your business operations and information ever been compromised? If not, then you are one of the lucky few, but everyday companies are being hacked.

Sensitive information is being stolen from right under their noses. Information that could lead to the shutdown of their operations because they did not put things in place to have their information secured. Advancements in technology has brought with it, more intuitive ways of hacking and other malicious activities.

Network Security is no laughing matter and it is something that any serious business should have at the top of its agenda especially with the onslaught of information leakage that is becoming so prevalent.

Traditional firewalls and perimeter type security devices are not enough. It takes a holistic approach to your security measures to ensure that not just your information, but the information shared with you by your clients is always secure and recoverable.

Traditional firewalls and perimeter type security devices are not enough. At BLU Networks we recommend a holistic approach to security using Unified Threat Management appliances and other services.

This is something we do not take lightly as a company and it is a conversation we have with every one of our clients because we have seen first hand the damage that it has caused to an unsuspecting company.

Securing your network is of paramount importance to create a sustainable business and we want to show you exactly how.

Advancements in technology has brought with it, more intuitive ways of hacking and other malicious activities. It is crucial that businesses look at options for ensuring the electronic security of their operations.


Physical security is just as critical as any other area of security. IP Camera and Surveillance applications have gained significant popularity, since their use in numerous prosecutions and other legal matters. The safety of your business should be of paramount importance to you since any breech could mean loss of tools, resources and ultimately income.

Nowadays, companies like yours should understand the importance of not just IT security but the security of your premises, yet in our work, we are recognizing that not many companies are placing emphasis on this aspect of their business.

Maybe because you are not seeing the correlation between having an effective surveillance system and the loss of income. That is the mistake that many are making in today’s digital world. A mixture of cyber security and physical security is important for the success and growth of your business.

At BLU Networks we do more than focus on the actual IP camera. We work with state of the art video management platforms to ensure that our customers get the most out of their investments.

BLU Engage – Hosted Customer Engagement Solutions


In today’s hypercompetitive business climate, the successful retail establishments are the ones that make every effort to engage / connect with their customers.

BLU Engage is a scalable, cloud-based Guest WiFi application that offers venue patrons / clients fast access to Free WiFi through social media login and other options. In return, Businesses can benefit from real time analytical insights, customer demographic data, information on customers movements around the retail space, plus an engagement tool to send highly targeted communications to shoppers whilst they are in, or moving around the venue.

We provide a solution that takes the conversation about Wi-Fi access from IT and IT Managers and more towards marketing and line of business.

At BLU we provide cost effective solutions that allow businesses to advertise and engage with their customers, while collecting valuable data that will help in marketing and developing a better / targeted customer experience.


WI-FI is a critical service in today’s enterprise, so much that it is often the preferred option for connectivity to traditional physical cabling.

The BLU CLOUD Solution allows our clients the option of implementing a fully functional Wi-FI solution without the CAPEX of Wireless Controllers.

This solution is Ideal for organisations with multiple sites that require consistent Wi-Fi throughout all locations.

Data Network Audits


In organisations with large and complex networks, it is often difficult to determine the cause of day-to-day issues like slow performance or degradation, network outages or even locating documentation of the existing network for compliance reasons.

Your data network is the core of your business. How you move data from one point to another takes specific design and implementation and should also take into consideration your business goals and overall functionality. A well-designed and tuned communications network would ensure that your business data is never compromised and that it meets the needs of the users and the organisation.

Our Data Network Audit service is designed as a non-intrusive service where our consultants will examine your existing network using a combination of remote and or on-site access and provide to you a fully documented report on our findings and recommendations.

Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider


Microsoft has empowered its Partners with the ability to sell its products while working closer with the customer to develop solutions and services that empower their businesses.

The Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) designation gives BLU the ability to work with our clients to provide a more cost-effective licensing structure for common business productivity applications for example Office 365, Microsoft Azure and others. Our clients will now have access to Microsoft pricing options that range from monthly or yearly billing.

BLU now has the ability to provide our customers with not only Infrastructure solutions centered on Telecommunications and Security but also Business Applications that provide day-to-day productivity, thus continuously adding value to our customers.

Network Support & Response Services


Network support is critical to the continued availability of the communications infrastructure in any business. This support is often found internally using technology staff. Businesses experience many challenges that directly affect the quality of support provided by either internal or external resources. These challenges can include the lack of the required skillset, lack of focus due to day-to-day workload, and even the continued move towards the cloud and organizational downsizing.

At BLU Networks we have a team of Engineers that form our Network Response team who are trained in a wide range of communications solutions and are able to work with our clients to provide proactive and on-demand response where required.

At BLU we can put together the most appropriate mix of skills, services and resources for your business.