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The average business is already challenged with supporting operations and generating revenue.  Working with an organisation that is focused on Network Infrastructure Support and Management can provide the following key benefits:

  • More time to focus on revenue generation and running of the business
  • Expert in Network Infrastructure and Support
  • Increased operational

Network support is critical to the continued availability of the communications infrastructure in any business. This support is often found internally using technology staff. Businesses experience many challenges that directly affect the quality of support provided by either internal or external resources. These challenges can include the lack of the required skillset, lack of focus due to day-to-day workload, and even the continued move towards the cloud and organizational downsizing.  At BLU Networks we have a team of Engineers that form our Network Response team who are trained in a wide range of communications solutions and are able to work with our clients to provide proactive and on-demand response where required.  At BLU we can put together the most appropriate mix of skills, services, and resources for your business.  Give us a call to discuss more on our BLU CARE portfolio. 

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Managing Director

Sheldon Paul


Sheldon has over 20 years’ experience in the Information Technology field, specialising in Data Communications, IT Governance and Business Strategy.


  • BLU addresses major issues that our potential customers face such as lack of certified experts and human resources to implement functional and profitable solutions to grow their business.