Our Team

Our team consists of professionals from various backgrounds totalling over 15 years of experience in communications and information technology. The BLU team possesses certifications and training not only from products that we support but also from other leading vendors.

The unique mix of skillsets and experience allows our consultants to comfortably perform at multiple stages of a project i.e. from conceptual or design phase to full implementation and support.

Sheldon Paul

Managing Director

Sheldon has over 20 years’ experience in the Information Technology field, specialising in Data Communications, IT Governance and Business Strategy.

Sheldon has worked in the Manufacturing, Finance, Service Provider, Telecom Manufacturer, Banking and Telecom Services sectors locally and regionally before forming BLU Networks.

It is this combination of experience and exposure that drives our customer focused approach.

Giselle Andrews-Paul

Giselle Andrews-Paul

Operations Director

Giselle has worked in customer service and operations for over 10 years.

She understands that efficiency, governance, structure and a satisfied customer are pillars for successful business operations.

Giselle is charged with the responsibility of running the day to day operations of BLU Networks while ensuring proper ethics and legal compliance.

The Sales, Engineering & Support Team

The BLU Networks Sales, Engineering & Support Team consists of professionals from various backgrounds, totalling over 20 years of experience in ICT/ICT Security and Communication Solutions.

Our team of Consultants and Partners possess certifications and experience in leading vendor platforms. Customers benefit from our unique mix of skills and expertise.