Data Network Audits

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Get to the source of network issues and restore business functionality using professional help. A professionally done network audit can have the following advantages:

  • Provides full documentation on all communications equipment and business services
  • Provides info on root causes to network related issues
  • Allows the organization to use the results for strategic purposes for example new projects etc

In organisations with large and complex networks, it is often difficult to determine the cause of day-to-day issues like slow performance or degradation, network outages or even locating documentation of the existing network for compliance reasons.  Your data network is the core of your business.  Our Data Network Audit service is designed as a non-intrusive service where our consultants will examine your existing network using a combination of remote and or on-site access and provide to you a fully documented report on our findings and recommendations.

Give us a call to discuss the deliverables for this service and how they can be of value to your organization.

Managing Director

Sheldon Paul


Sheldon has over 20 years’ experience in the Information Technology field, specialising in Data Communications, IT Governance and Business Strategy.


  • BLU addresses major issues that our potential customers face such as lack of certified experts and human resources to implement functional and profitable solutions to grow their business.