Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider

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Digital Transformation is critical in today’s business climate.  A business that can deliver its service and sustaining its operations using digital technologies can seriously benefit, for example:

  • Increased customer reach
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Increased business agility and flexibility in operations
  • Easier to do business with

Microsoft has empowered its Partners with the ability to sell its products while working closer with the customer to develop solutions and services that empower their businesses.  The Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) designation gives BLU the ability to work with our clients to provide a more cost-effective licensing structure for common business productivity applications for example Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and others. Our clients will now have access to Microsoft pricing options that range from monthly or yearly billing. BLU now has the ability to provide our customers with not only Infrastructure solutions centred on Telecommunications and Security but also Business Applications that provide day-to-day productivity, thus continuously adding value to our customers and digitally transforming their businesses.  We believe that this combination of skills and solution offerings is just what today’s busines needs. 

Are you ready to Digitally Transform your business?

Managing Director

Sheldon Paul


Sheldon has over 20 years’ experience in the Information Technology field, specialising in Data Communications, IT Governance and Business Strategy.


  • BLU addresses major issues that our potential customers face such as lack of certified experts and human resources to implement functional and profitable solutions to grow their business.