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Security is or paramount importance to any organisation.  Network Security involves focusing on many areas of the Telecommunications Infrastructure.  Securing your network can yield the following:

  • Secure business communications
  • Increased security posture
  • Better organizational reputation
  • Increased customer confidence

Have you ever been hacked? Has your business operations and information ever been compromised? If not, then you are one of the lucky few. Everyday companies are being hacked.  Sensitive information is being stolen from right under their noses. Information that could lead to the shutdown of their operations. Advancements in technology has brought with it, more intuitive ways of hacking and other malicious activities.  Network Security is no laughing matter and it is something that any serious business should have at the top of its agenda.  Traditional firewalls and perimeter type security devices are not enough. It takes a holistic approach to your security measures to ensure that not just your information, but the information shared with you by your clients is always secure and recoverable.  At BLU Networks we recommend a holistic approach to security using Unified Threat Management appliances and other services. This is something we do not take lightly as a company and it is a conversation, we have with every one of our clients.  Securing your network is of paramount importance to create a sustainable business and we want to show you exactly how.

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Managing Director

Sheldon Paul


Sheldon has over 20 years’ experience in the Information Technology field, specialising in Data Communications, IT Governance and Business Strategy.


  • BLU addresses major issues that our potential customers face such as lack of certified experts and human resources to implement functional and profitable solutions to grow their business.