Introducing BLU CARE Network Management & Support Portfolio

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BLU Care Network Management & Support Portfolio

The Problem

The year 2020, if nothing else, has proven to us the need for a solid Telecommunications Infrastructure Strategy. The ability for our businesses to stay functional in a time when Shelter in Place and Social Distancing are the orders of the day, is critical to our success. The continued availability of the Communications Infrastructure within a business relies heavily on its support strategy and resources. Many businesses experience challenges that directly affect the quality of Network and Infrastructure support. These challenges can include the lack of the required skill set (unavailability of support staff) , lack of focus due to day-to-day workload (staff is tied up doing other stuff), and the most common one;  this is not our core business (the business does not have time to focus on Infrastructure Support).

The Solution

Our experience has shown us that the most effective way to help businesses solve this issue is to provide a solution that will address the core problem of consistent availability of skilled resources. Introducing the BLU CARE Network Management & Support Portfolio. At BLU Networks we have a team of Engineers that form our Network Support & Response team who are trained in a wide range of communications solutions and are able to work with our clients to provide proactive and on-demand support services where required. The BLU CARE service offering is a carefully designed portfolio of deliverables that allows us to deliver a standardized yet still fully flexible Network Support and Management solution. We have taken the time to develop a solution that gives us the ability to service our clients in a way that only we are able to.

Our Infrastructure Support Strategy

At BLU we believe that the Communications Infrastructure of an organization is the conduit through which the delivery of ALL goods and services are facilitated. We live and breathe this philosophy, and this is used as an impetus for everything that we deliver. BLU CARE is built on our Infrastructure Support Strategy, which contains seven (7) key components. These components allow us to focus on what we have seen to be the major areas for supporting any environment. The components are as follows:

BLU CARE Packaging & Support Options

BLU CARE is packaged and sold in three (3) options, as follows:

  • BLU CARE – Bronze – this package is positioned for clients that require only support on demand. The offering comes with access to our Helpdesk where all cases are logged and reported on. There is no SLA (Service Level Agreements) with this arrangement and the client is charged based on our hourly rate for the time used.
  • BLU CARE – Silver – this package is designed for customers that require more of a predictable support offering. This option contains a pre-negotiated block of hours that are paid for monthly or annually, and the time deducted as used. This offering comes with a Service Level Agreement that defines response times etc. Please note that this option requires a signed contract for a minimum of 12 months of support.
  • BLU CARE – GOLD – this package allows us to deliver more than support; it allows us to build an even stronger relationship with our customers. This engagement allows the customer to experience the true meaning of working with a Strategic Infrastructure Partner. The solution is built based on delivering proactive management of the agreed infrastructure and there is no limit on the hours for the month. This option is paid for monthly or annually as well. Please note that this option requires a signed contract for a minimum of 12 months of support.

Key Benefits

  • Focus on your Core Business – our clients can focus on what they are better at and let us address their infrastructure support needs.
  • Alignment with international standardsBLU CARE is aligned with the ITIL & FCAPS Frameworks
  • Access to focused resources and a wide range of skillsets – the team is certified and trained in various technologies in the networking and communications infrastructure space. These resources will now form part of the clients’ support team
  • Supplements existing network support resources – the support offering is designed to supplement the client’s support team, not replace it. The existing support team will focus on day-to-day operations and supported by BLU i.e., 2nd and 3rd level support.
  • Access to Helpdesk Platform – the entire BLU CARE support offering is managed tightly by a dedicated and internal Helpdesk platform and staff. The client has access to this Helpdesk service for logging and managing cases.
  • Built-in Incident and Change Management – – the entire BLU CARE support offering is aligned with the ITIL framework. Change and Incident Management are two key deliverables from this framework.
  • Monthly Infrastructure Reporting – the client will have access to reports on infrastructure availability and performance, based on scheduled checks. (silver and gold options only)
  • Customized Training – bring your internal support staff up to speed with the required technologies using our customized technology training (silver and gold options only)
  • Proactive Network Management – we will work with our clients to design a proactive network management approach for the infrastructure within their organization.

Over the next few weeks, we will dive deeper into each of the support packages deliverables to ensure that we provide as much details as possible. It is Time to Take Control of Your Network Infrastructure – Give us a call. We can be reached via our website at , email at sa***@bl************.com, or our Office at 1-868-223-1576. We understand the Infrastructure Support challenges that you face as a business. We are here to help.

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