BLU Networks Consultancy Limited was formed in 2011 with the goal of delivering Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Products and Services locally and regionally. As a Telecommunications Systems Integrator, our focus is enabling business efficiency through the use of appropriately designed and deployed Telecommunications Solutions.
"As part of the Engineering Team at BLU, I am exposed to cutting edge technologies every day. I am continuously pushed to operate and deliver at my best on every project. We do what we do to the best of our ability simply because we love to and our customers expect the best."

Priya Boodram, Network Engineer
"I am often confronted by people asking me how can BLU bring anything different to the table, especially when you guys are smaller than many of your competitors. My answer is simple; We are a true Telecom Integrator; we focus on delivering a fully integrated solution for your business. We are successful at this because we are indeed different; this difference is based on the following:

- We listen to our customers
- We are certified and experienced in everything that we deliver
- We deliver on time and within budget
- We deliver once and we deliver right"

Sheldon Paul
Managing Director

What We Do

BLU addresses major issues that our potential customers face such as lack of certified expertise and human resources to implement functional and profitable solutions to grow their business.

We strive to implement and instruct our clients about International ICT best practices and standards so that your business will have a competitive advantage worldwide.

BLU Networks is committed to building relationships with our customers to deliver end-to end Infrastructure Solutions done right the first time to save time, resources and revenue.