Five Reasons to Work At a Telecom Integrator

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Hi guys, my name is Giselle Andrews and I work at BLU Networks Consultancy Limited. I function on the administration and operational side of the company. I am not, nor have I ever operated in a technical capacity, however, over the past 8 years I’ve been able to work alongside and observe a team of very talented individuals. I have learnt a lot from this experience; so much that I have decided to share (my two cents) what I believe are 5 reasons that you should work at a Telecoms Integrator.

1. Passion

Five Reasons to Work At a Telecom Integrator - Passion

I have been fortunate to witness people in the industry speak about what they do as well as watch them in action. To have this experience is awesome, especially when these people are passionate about what they do. As mentioned above, I am far from being technical, but my role at BLU exposed me to numerous situations where I was continuously lost with new technologies. Initially I have no idea what a lot of these things mean, but by the time the guys are finished explaining it to me, I feel like an expert in the field (LOL). Seeing this first-hand, especially with customers has shown me how significant having a passion is for achieving anything. It’s even more amazing witnessing the transition from just supplier to trusted advisor to our customers.

2. Exposure

Five Reasons to work at a Telecom Integrator - ExposureJust like myself, this point can mean many different things to many people.  There’s exposure to people, different platforms, training, social presence etc.  However, I’m looking at it from the point of self-exposure.  For example, being able to research and learn different technologies on demand, and without prior knowledge can be very difficult.  Being able to do this while watching the fruits of your labour in the form of successfully deployed solutions and happy customers is priceless.  These milestones form significant points in anyone’s career.  The joy and confidence that I’ve seen from this team of people who continue to push and expose themselves is tremendous.

3. Hands on Training

Five Reasons to Work at a Telecom Integrator - Training

When you’re able to accomplish live scenarios in your office lab it’s a wonderful feeling that many can attest to.  I have witnessed this on many occasions whether it’s from the Engineers themselves or from the Interns.  Seeing them design and implement their solutions from start to finish is fantastic.  This is a huge accomplishment for them, and it helps to boost their confidence.  Once you’re given the opportunity to work with equipment while in the office, it’s something that you should never object to.

4. Constant Changes in the Environment

Five Reasons to Work at a Telecom Integrator - Change

With technology ever evolving, this makes things quite exciting especially when you see how it changes and affects choices.  It allows for continued growth and exposure to different products.  As I mentioned, I’m not a technical person however based on the passion of individuals around me I’ve learnt a thing or two along the way.  In recent times, I have seen a transition from customers requesting different platforms across their infrastructure to now where they‘re looking at a single pane of glass.  This option which makes things seamless and easier to manage within their network from one platform (Look at me now).  This is something that has been made possible due to the constant changes.  In the technology field, change is constant, change is inevitable.  It is when you embrace this and decide to be a part of this cycle; you begin to see growth.

5. Fun

Five Reasons to Work at a Telecom Integrator - FunI think this aspect is a great one.  It says a lot about the company and what they stand for.  When you have a great team, it makes working fun.  You can enjoy each other’s company in and out of work and have lots of laughs.  When you work hard you play hard so it’s also nice to just chill for a minute.  It’s a nice balance to have especially in the office space which can be hectic. I have been a part of that balance, and it really makes working together a lot easier.

As a non-technical person in technology company, I have grown and learnt so much from the individuals around me.  They’ve demonstrated to me time and time again how much the above points matter.  From My Point of View, these are five reasons to work at a Telecom Integrator. What do you guys think?

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