What does Infrastructure Solutions mean to you?

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Infrastructure Solutions- Enabling the Transformation

What does Infrastructure Solutions mean for you and your business right now? Globally, due to the pandemic, we have been pushed into rapid digital transformation. To survive and be safe, businesses were required to find creative ways to continue while ensuring our customers’ and employees’ safety and maintaining compliance with COVID-19 protocols. 


Over the last year, many businesses, have had to pivot to adjust to this new normal. We (BLU) have continued to provide support through this transformative period and have noticed some interesting changes, including but not limited to: 

  1. Changes in the way that users connect to their company’s network. Traditionally, network users were situated within the walls of the organisation. Today most users are situated in their homes. This directly changes the approach, and in many cases the technology as it relates to remotely connecting users. 
  2. Change in the way that the organisation secures itself. The rapid increase in the use of cloud infrastructure has stretched the perimeter of organisations. This increase has prompted looking for new ways to secure the perimeter and access to cloud-based platforms themselves. 
  3. The significant increase in the use of mobile endpoints. This has triggered an immediate need for platforms and frameworks to better manage these endpoints and the risks that they bring to the enterprise. Many organisation’s needed to create policy and make the necessary provisions to implement the underlying infrastructure to facilitate secure remote connectivity of the new endpoints. 

The above scenarios are just some of the changes. Most of the focus is placed on applications and software tools in many organisations. However, the underlying telecommunications infrastructure should be given the same consideration and focus.

From our experience, many of the issues experienced during and POST-Digital Transformation can be associated with a few elements. Including, not considering the infrastructure components necessary to make the overall transformation successful.


Infrastructure may mean different things to different companies. We define infrastructure as the critical underlying hardware and software technologies that enable communications between users, applications, and services. No business can successfully execute a Digital Transformation Strategy without including the necessary foundational technologies. Businesses are seeing more and more, the importance of a solid and secure telecoms infrastructure in their Digital Transformation initiatives.   

We recently wrote a blog – “Digital Transformation – Technology or Strategy?”. In it, we suggested that any project of this magnitude be approached from a strategic level. We believe that using this holistic approach increases the chances of including all relevant infrastructure components. Stay tuned for more conversations on this topic as the weeks’ progress.


Be sure to register for our Virtual Event-  “Infrastructure Solutions – Enabling The Transformation”. The event will be held on June 25th from 9 am to 12 noon. At the event, we will have more in-depth conversations about the infrastructure solutions. Click on the link to register for the event.

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