Our Top 5 Customer Engagements From 2019

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As we wind down 2019 and prepare for 2020, we cannot help but reflect on the journey. In going through that reflection, we were also looking for ways to add value and share much-needed info with our existing and potential clients. With that goal as the backdrop, we shifted our focus and began putting pen to paper, listing the engagements/projects that we worked on for 2019. This list was a bit exhaustive but there were several commonalities. We have identified below, the five (5) most common requests made of us at BLU by our customers in 2019. The goal of putting this list forward is not to advertise, but our experience has shown that these are some of the challenges that other customers will face in 2020. This list will provide some insight into the challenges faced and if it’s something that you can identify with; we may be able to provide some assistance in the new year.

The list is as follows:

1. Network Design & Deployment Services 

Network Design & Deployment Services - BLU Networks Consultancy LimitedThis speaks to the professional services required to design and deploy a network infrastructure solution. This may also include equipment procurement. We are often engaged at the stage where the customer has an issue and they require our assistance to further investigate and propose the most appropriate design/solution. After their approval, we procure and implement the required network solution. This year we noticed an increase in the number of organisations that recognised the importance of having certified / expert resources deliver their infrastructure. They spend less time and have significantly less failed implementations and service outages.

2. Network Infrastructure Audits

Network Infrastructure - BLU Networks Consultancy LimitedMany organisations have existing telecommunications networks; some that grew over the years based on the continued expansion of the company. Un-managed growth of a network that was not properly designed at the initial stages is often the most common cause of network outages. Our initial step in such engagements is to perform an end-to-end audit of the existing infrastructure. This exercise will focus on understanding what is deployed, where the organisation wants to go (plans) and what is required to be put in place to support that growth (this includes network security). The audit exercise can also be focused on resolving issues. This is a very common engagement and it is generally our initial step before recommending any solution to our customers. 

3. Enterprise Wi-Fi Audits / Site Surveys

Enterprise WIFI - BLU Networks Consultancy LimitedSimilar to the network audit exercise described above; this engagement focuses on Wi-Fi and the associated components. There continues to be a heavy demand for Wi-Fi in organisations. Unfortunately, in our experience, this demand is not being met with the proper skillset as it relates to the design and deployment. There is still a belief that this technology requires minimal to no engineering to deploy. This belief is often met with service outages and bad customer experiences. We continue to try and change the thinking around the need for expert knowledge in Wi-Fi technologies and also proper surveying techniques. Many of our engagements that are related to Wi-Fi issues are in some way attributed to the fact that NO proper electronic survey was done.

4. Enterprise Wi-Fi Design & Deployment

Enterprise Wi-Fi Design & DeploymentYou may be asking why is this different from the Site Survey engagement explained above. The Audit / Survey engagement is a separate service; one that includes Design and Deployment. This engagement speaks to all the professional services required to take the customers’ request/ problem to a fully deployed and tested Wi-Fi solution. Our knowledge in this area has taken us to several countries in the region where we have deployed wireless networks that at times support thousands of devices while maintaining consistent connectivity.

5. Customised Training

Customised Training - BLU Networks Consultancy LimitedWith more and more organisations appreciating the fact that their staff may not possess the necessary technical skills; we have seen an increase in requests for the delivery of customised technical training. This is training that is fully customised to the exact environment that exists at the customer. We have seen this approach yield more results than generic training which is normally aimed at satisfying a curriculum rather than addressing a specific customer need. 

As mentioned at the start of the article this is a summary of our top 5 engagements for 2019. Reach out to us if you need any more information on any of the items detailed above; even if it’s not on the list. We will be happy to be of assistance. We can be reached at 1 (868) 223-1576 or email me at sheldon.paul@blunetworks-tt.com

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