The Power of The Network Integrator

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The last few months have been challenging for us at times but overall, very rewarding for us as an organisation. We have witnessed our customers forge new ways to do business and take their respective brands forward. As they push, we innovate and do our best to bring the solutions and services that they need. We continue to live the phrase “Growth Never Happens in Your Comfort Zone”. In this blog, we explore the power of the Network Integrator.

As an organisation, we have always understood the value that we bring to our customers’ business as a Network Integrator. Over the last few months, however, it’s been more evident. There is an important lesson to be learned here. Network Communications have become so critical for survival that businesses are seeing more and more the Importance of the Network Integrator. This article will introduce the power of the Network Integrator. It will discuss four(4) critical factors that we (BLU) have identified as critical to our success as Integrators. Let’s begin by clearing the air……What is a Network Integrator

What Is a Network Integrator?

This is a question that we get many times, mostly during prospecting or introducing ourselves to potential customers. We often need to clarify the difference between persons that sell networking equipment and persons that focus on properly working with your business to sell and implement a solution. Let’s discuss the importance of this difference and how it’s so critical especially today.

First, let’s start by saying that Network Integrators ARE NOT Network Installers or people that just come to install devices within your organisation. There is a misconception that the role is purely focused on racking and stacking. Though we perform those functions, we need to be clear on who we are and the value that we bring.

The true Network Integrator is responsible for the delivery of end-to-end communications solutions for the business. This may include racking and stacking but the major difference here is the focus. The Network Integrator is focused on understanding the problem and working with the business to deliver the most appropriate solution. They also ensure that it is properly integrated into your business so you can yield the necessary results.

Over the last few months, we have seen customers seek out this approach because many of them realise that they have no time to miss the target they need to work with partners that will seek their interest.

Let’s move on to the four (4) critical factors that we believe contribute significantly to the success of the Network Integrator.

The Solution Focused Approach

The Solution Focused Approach – as the name implies is the ability to break through all the noise and focus on what is needed to solve the problem. This may sound like a simple approach. But it’s challenging to find someone that can place all their differences, influences, technical abilities aside and just focus on what is required to solve the customer issue.

Our experience has shown that placing the solution as the overall goal maximizes the chances of success in any integration initiative. Compared to the alternative, which is focusing on a piece of equipment and what is needed to implement it. The results can often be skewed and dare I say, provide limited to no success.

The Partnership (The Success of Your Business is Our Success)

One of the most important factors that contributed to our success as a Network Integrator has been our approach to the entire customer engagement. Most customers value partnerships as opposed to transactional relationships. As a Network Integrator, we place technology within our customers’ business that is geared at enabling and sustaining their operations.

We need to look at these engagements as strategic because that is what they are. Many of these technologies are not cheap and they require significant thought and investment from the customer. Let’s respect them by not seeing the engagement as a transaction but more of a partnership or long-term relationship. This increases customer confidence by assuring them that they have someone looking out for their business.

Understand Your Customers Business

It is often very easy for a customer to identify when a company/individual is looking for business, but they haven’t done the research on the customer and how their organisation works. From a sales perspective, this is not just disrespectful, but as a Network Integrator, it can get problematic very quickly.

As a Network Integrator, you are focused on delivering a solution to the customers’ problems. This cannot happen without a firm understanding of their business and more importantly, how the solution will be used to bring value to their business. Respect the customer enough by taking the time to understand what they do and how the solution will add value.

Everything Must Add Value

This is a very common concern that we hear from customers after interacting with vendors. The issue from our experience is where the customer would listen to a vendor propose a solution or a product and thereafter are still not clear on how the solution will add value to their operations. They are often clear on how much money they need to spend, but not so much on the value the solution will bring.

In this competitive space where there are so many options available to customers, Network Integrators need to focus on adding value every step of the way. We have experienced better results when we tie every email, every presentation, every interaction to potential value to the customer. In this way, they can associate our presence with value to them and their operations. It takes more work, it takes more time, but it maximizes your chances of success, and let’s face it, it’s the right thing to do. This is the Power of the Network Integrator.

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