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Today, I am going to tackle a huge topic. What is that you ask? Dum, dum, dum —Work-Life Balance. Being able to maneuver my work life and find balance over the years has been a work in progress. I’ve realized that as your personal life changes there is the need to find balance with your work life. I must say that I am no guru when it comes to this topic, but I may be able to help someone else. Many people struggle with it while many others have mastered it. I am somewhere in the middle and I’ve listed my 5 key points which I try to work on:

My Point of View - BLU Networks Consultancy Limited1. CHECKLIST

In today’s world, there are many options to assist with your day to day list of tasks.  I for one still like writing my list so I can check off as I go along.  Having a checklist of what I need to do every day allows for a smoother and more productive day at the office.  It’s a great feeling when at the end of the workday I can re-check my list and realise how much I got done.


Together with my checklist, I aim to use my time wisely. This is something that I try to work hard on.  For example, I am on the road a lot, so on those days, I try to do everything that I know would need drive time and that way I can be at my desk on the other days. There are also times when I work from home which allows me the flexibility to do even more in my day (no time in traffic). I also like to group tasks, that way I’m not all over the place. Being able to manage my time is key as it can be easily derailed which brings me to my next point.

Remove Distractions - BLU Networks Consultancy Limited3. REMOVE DISTRACTIONS

To check things off my to-do list and manage my time wisely one of the things I like to do is remove potential distractions during the day.  My mobile may not be a huge distraction, but it is still one all the same.  Most times my phone is on vibrate, this way I’m even less tempted to pick it up every time it goes off unless it’s an actual phone call.  Developing this healthier habit has enabled me to check items off my list and remain on schedule with time.

Family Time - BLU Networks Consultancy Limited4. FAMILY TIME

Family time with the hubby and daughter is a major part of my life and it’s what I look forward to most. My family time usually involves praying together, going to activities, having a bite to eat or watching a movie. This time together, allows us to catch up on what we may have missed during the busy day. I love to laugh, so having fun while laughing at the silly things we do and say are some of my best moments. I almost got myself into trouble. How could I speak about family time and not mention my dogs? They’re a handful (all 4 of them) but I love them to pieces. Family time won’t be the same without them.

Personal Time - BLU Networks Consultancy Limited5. PERSONAL TIME

After a long day, I enjoy having some “me time” for myself. This time allows me to relax and not worry about work. While many enjoy some form of exercise, I enjoy the life of a couch potato. Can you imagine how I spend my time? Well, my time includes a nice movie or a glass (or bottle) of wine lol. I also enjoy moments where I can meditate as this keeps me grounded. Having time to myself to chill out for a minute is an awesome feeling.

Well, that’s my 5 key points on how I try to maintain my work-life balance and it’s something that I would continue to attempt because the struggle is real.  What do you guys do to ensure you’re able to maintain your work-life balance?  I would love to hear what works for you and how you find that balance.

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  1. Danielle Andrews

    Really good tips… Work…Family…Self are all important

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