Celebrating Victories: A 2024 Odyssey

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Sheldon Paul

As I stepped into 2024, my mind was brimming with a mix of optimism and, admittedly, some concerns. Over the past two years, our organization has been consistently laden with projects, a testament to our capabilities. However, 2023 brought a shift, with more project overruns and some incomplete endeavors – a departure from our usual track record. Sometimes, we found ourselves working closely with customers, navigating the pressures within their organizations.

“An Anxious Prelude to 2024”

Now, as we entered 2024, there lingered a handful of projects from the previous year – some in progress, others yet to kick off. The challenge was significant; we had commitments to fulfill for our clients early in the year, and the first 90 days felt like a looming deadline. The anxiety crept in – that familiar, uneasy feeling that accompanies the responsibility of delivering on promises. As a business owner and entrepreneur, that undeniable fire in the belly burned, fueled by a combination of anxiety and a daunting question: How are we going to manage it all?

Amidst the anxiety and butterflies, I recognized the need to shift my perspective. Instead of dwelling solely on the challenges, I needed to focus on the gratitude and sense of accomplishment that the fire in my belly also represented. It was time to appreciate our journey, acknowledging the demand for our services as a testament to our standing in the industry. This wasn’t about becoming complacent or arrogant; it was about recognizing the blessings within the challenges.

“Shifting Perspectives: Gratitude Amidst Challenges”

Walking into 2024 with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude became my mantra. The anxiety and doubts about the mountain ahead needed to be divorced from the bigger picture. Yes, there were tasks undone, areas for improvement, and goals yet to be achieved. But when you peel away the layers of anxiety and negative emotions, what remains is a remarkable journey of growth and success.

Personally, I grapple with anxiety, particularly when faced with an array of projects and their associated pressures. However, amidst the chaos, it’s crucial to take a step back and reflect on the monumental achievements. Our footprint spans beyond Trinidad – we’ve contributed to building institutions in St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Grenada, Antigua, Barbados, and beyond. The ability to point at these tangible outcomes is a testament to our resilience and impact.

As I confront the mental challenges of growing a business, I’ve chosen to combat anxiety with a perspective shift. Instead of fixating on the challenges of 2024, I’m grounding myself in the accomplishments of the past. The plan is simple – face the new challenges with the backdrop of what we’ve achieved. It’s a mental strategy, a way to continuously motivate myself when the weight of business ownership settles in during those quiet moments of reflection.

In essence, it’s about divorcing the anxiety, breaking free from the negative emotions, and focusing on the undeniable success story we’ve crafted. Challenges, after all, are just that – hurdles to overcome. As we continue into 2024, I choose to view them as opportunities to further prove our mettle and build on the foundation of what we’ve already accomplished. That, for me, is the mindset to carry forward into the new year.

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  1. Lyndon Brathwaite

    Very similar concerns here Sheldon. The visibility of see your business growing and added responsibilities or not just your company but the people in it can be taken for granted by those not weighted with the resume responsibilities.

    Blue Networks has quietly been one of my personal benchmark, and your approach to leadership to me is in a good place.

    Keep pressing.

  2. DMAB

    You got to keep swimming! So proud of all you have accomplished and all you will accomplish.

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