Striking the Right Chords: A Personal Pledge to Enhance Efficiency

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In the realm of technology and telecom, my journey has been deeply rooted in the intricacies of networking. However, as I navigate the multifaceted aspects of my daily responsibilities, I’ve come to a realization. There’s a lot more to manage than just the technology itself – people, operations, customer interactions, potential opportunities, and the sales process all demand attention.

Reflecting on my daily grind, I started identifying those aspects that often get pushed to the side when urgency strikes or crises emerge. It led me to question myself: “How can I be more efficient? How can I accomplish these tasks while addressing urgent matters?” The answer, it turns out, was right in front of me all along – utilizing the people and resources at my disposal.

For the past year and a half, we’ve invested in virtual assistants, valuable assets spread across various areas of our organization. However, despite their potential to alleviate my workload, I found myself consistently pulled into operations, leaving me with little time to collaborate effectively with my virtual assistant. It became clear that if I wanted to achieve greater efficiency and reduce stress, I needed to heed the advice of my business coach – use the people around me.

Working with my Virtual Assistant

As I step into 2024 and beyond, I’ve committed to working more efficiently with the virtual assistant assigned to me. She is specifically contracted to assist me in my professional processes, and it’s worth noting that I’m not referring to technology-centric tasks here. Within my comprehensive set of responsibilities, which includes hardcore technology research and development, collaboration with the engineering team, and engagement with other organizational teams, I need to consciously channel my efforts toward working with my virtual assistant, focusing particularly on aspects like refining my sales process.

Acknowledging my shortcomings, I recognize that consistency in prospecting and follow-ups has been lacking. While it’s tempting to portray a picture-perfect image of running an organization, the reality is that administrative tasks, including consistent prospecting, are essential. Despite having dedicated customers and maintaining a certain level of operation, it’s time to address these gaps and work toward improvement.

Admitting that there’s room for enhancement, I’ve set the intention to work closely with my virtual assistant. Starting from the beginning of this year, I’ve initiated regular meetings and involvement in customer engagements. The objective is clear – to enhance follow-ups, improve prospecting, and streamline forecasting. This collaborative effort aims to make our sales meetings more effective and efficient.

Running an organization is no walk in the park, and I’m dispelling any illusions by openly admitting that consistent prospecting has been an area of improvement for me. Where many LinkedIn posts showcase a relentless commitment to daily prospecting, I must admit a divergence from this norm. I recognize the importance of consistent prospecting, and while I should be engaging in it daily, I must confess that I fall short of this ideal. While our dedicated customers have shown faith in us, it’s crucial to address the gaps and continually refine our operations.

Finding Balance

By divorcing myself from the technological minutiae and dedicating time to work more consistently with my virtual assistant, I’m aiming to better manage the sales operations of the organization. Diligently, I am striving to ensure that all facets of the organization receive proper attention. The key to achieving this while still preserving time for my family and other personal commitments lies in effectively utilizing the resources and support available within my professional sphere.

In the end, this is more than a commitment to efficiency; it’s a personal pledge to be better. By being present, divorcing distractions, and dedicating the time and effort needed, I’m embracing the opportunity to evolve and enhance the overall operations of the organization. This, for me, is a step towards achieving a harmonious balance between professional responsibilities and personal life.

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