More Engagement Means More Loyal Customers

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Research has shown that customer engagement drives increased customer loyalty and by extension increased revenue. So how can you use a customer engagement platform to produce more loyal customers?

Let’s break it down!

We are often asked by our clients- what can a Customer Engagement Platform really do?
Some businesses master the presentations and marketing material but still really cannot zero in on the value that the solution can bring. Think about it this way—
At present most of your customers are anonymous and shop only when they need to get something. As a business owner, you really know nothing about them outside of what they purchased; if you remember at all.

More Loyal Customers - BLU Networks Consultancy LimitedUsing a customer engagement platform to produce more loyal customers will help you generate revenue every single month! Because you will have the opportunity to speak directly to them through the channels they are most engaged in, offering them exactly what they want. A customer engagement platform is no longer a nice to have tool in the arsenal of building your business…it is a MUST have.

Every company wants to ensure that they are not only making a consistent income but that they have built a relationship with their existing customers. An engagement platform does exactly this and more!
Features of your engagement platform can include-

  1. On-boarding system – so customers log in with ease onto your sales platforms using Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, or a short form. This allows your organisation to collect key demographic data, contact details and depending on the hardware type, location data and presence analytics.
    This specific information means that your organization now has a better understanding of your audience and can provide them with specific products and services.
  2. Customer Segmentation – the data collected can be used to segment customers into highly targeted groups based on demographics, loyalty and their physical location in the establishment.
    Segmenting your audience is how you guarantee more of a return on your investment because every audience segment may need a different solution from you.
  3. More Targeted Engagement – by providing better tools to drive offers, information and loyalty promotions in real time via the login screens, emails or SMS.

Having the right tools, infrastructure and software to specifically target your audience can make the difference between spending thousands and getting no returns or spending thousands and having a high ROI (Return on Investment). Do you have an existing platform that needs updating? Or are you wondering how this tool can work for your business?

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