5 Different Businesses with 5 Different Problems

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5 Differfent Businesses with 5 different problems - BLU Networks


The requirements for businesses are never the same. And that is why 5 different businesses can have 5 different problems even if they are in the same niche.

  • Each business operates differently.
  • Each business has different procedures.
  • Each business has different business processes.
  • has different requirements.

We cannot assume that what one business needs, the next business needs. We apply this theory to all network design and implementation initiatives.

The best-designed network is the one that offers the solution to a specific challenge that your business faces. Check out our Network Support and Response Services.

Let’s take it a step further and compare 5 different businesses –
An insurance company,
A car dealership,
A mechanic,
A Bank, and
A credit union

These five businesses have one thing in common…. they all want to make money.

But everything else is different.

They have different procedures that they follow everyday to make money and to provide a service to their customers. Before a network can be designed, we need to first understand what each one needs.

The insurance company may need to support voice over IP.
The bank may need to support secure transactions across multiple sites.
While the mechanic may just require internet access using a wireless platform.

Those requirements may translate into different equipment, distinctive network solutions and ultimately different price ranges.

The point we are making is that your network design needs are specific to your goals and your challenges. Let’s do an audit of your network design and determine the best solution for your business.
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