Not all Network Designs are Created Equally

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“Why do I need to spend time and money designing something that, in this day and age, should be a commodity?” This was a question posed to us by a customer recently. It was a great opportunity for us to explain to the customer that not all network designs are created equally.

The chosen network design will depend on the needs of the organization and their overall goal. This will determine which solutions should be implemented to solve the challenges that the organization is facing. It is not a one size fits all.

With the proper design, communication between you and your team or you and your clients becomes flawless. This allows your work to progress smoothly, to steadily increase revenue and sustainability of your business.

It may be time for a Data Network Audit

Let’s think about it another way….

Designs-created-equallyWould you feel comfortable if you visited a doctor and he prescribed the same medication to everyone sitting in his waiting room?

I am sure your answer is NO.

This is exactly how we view network design. While we recognize the goal of every business is to increase revenue and build capacity, every business does not require the same communications platform.

Each business needs to be prescribed a solution that best suits their challenges.

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