What to Expect for 2020?

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With the New Year comes a refueled motivation to improve on the past one. (Gretchen Bleiler)

Happy New Year Everyone!! Wishing you all the best as we begin not only another year, but we start another decade. I’m super excited to set the tone for our 2020 blogs. We are happy to take you guys on yet another year’s journey with the BLU Networks Team.

In the last quarter of 2019, we completed our “Strat Planning”. The team knows exactly what our plans are for this year. Everyone is on board and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds as we keep completing all the tasks to meet our goals.  So, what can you expect from BLU in 2020? I have decided to share with you a summary version of some of the items highlighted in our 2020 Plan.

1. Training

As a company, there are things that we keep working on to ensure our competitive edge. Building our expertise and overall knowledge base has always been at the top of our list.  Having said that, we will ensure that each employee continues to build his/her skillset using a personalized training plan. These training plans are an amalgamation of both the employee and the company’s’ goals. For 2020 we are going to focus on key partnerships and positioning BLU to be the most certified, experienced and ultimately the Partner of choice.

2. Expand the Team

Increasing the team is always part of our goals. With our plans outlined, we need to now put it in action. Adding new blood and ideas to our team is important to us. We always look for a “good fit” for BLU which entails sharing similar values. Thus far, we have some awesome team members who continue to help us function as a well-oiled rig. Our plans for 2020 include a proposed talent expansion in our Sales, Engineering and Support operations.

3. Increasing Visibility

Yet another continuous work in progress. We started this journey a few years ago and we have come a long way. We have produced in excess of 20 blog articles, hosted 3 webinars and delivered more content.  For 2020, we will continue to increase our visibility using different technologies and methods.   Our Marketing Team is committed, the entire company is engaged.  You will definitely continue to see us in 2020.

4. Expand our Customer Base

We have put in a lot of groundwork in 2019 to make 2020 an exciting year for us. Although we already have regional customers, we will continue to expand our reach. Many businesses need help and we intend to be the Integrator of choice. Our 2020 Strategic plan is focused heavily on “Building the Regional BLU”.

5. Adding Value

Adding Value to our customers’ will continue to be one of our mantras at BLU.  We firmly believe that every interaction that we have with our customers should leave them with some value.  We placed a huge focus on this in 2019 and we will continue in this vein for 2020; making the necessary adjustments as we go along. Our secret sauce in this area is our ability to listen to our customers and potential customers to figure out how we can assist. We genuinely care, and we love what we do.

Although I have only touched on a few items, there is still much more to the plan that will take us to our goals. Over the past years, we have worked very hard at everything we embarked on.  We may not have gotten everything right thus far, but we are proud of our progress and ability to keep trying. Cheers to yet another year!!

We would love to hear your plans for 2020.  Give us your feedback in the comments.  You can also reach out to us via our website www.blunetworks-tt.com , 868-223-1576 or via email info@blunetworks-tt.com

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