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We have not written a blog in a little over a month but we have good reason. 2020 is our year of growth and transformation. We have been working very hard in the background putting systems in place to allow our business to run optimally so we can better serve our clients and show up with value. Change and transformation goes hand in hand when you are building a sustainable business.

Let’s share some of things we have been working on

1. Creating content (Video Series)

Over the last 2 years, we have intentionally made it our mission to show up to our audience. What this means is that we started our blog, started our email list and increased our visibility on LinkedIn with weekly posts and videos. This has not always been easy managing working ON the business and IN the business but we recognized the importance of positioning ourselves so that you understand the value that we bring to the table.

At the beginning of the year, we started our 12 video series geared at teaching you guys how to build a network from ground up. It’s not designed to be complicated but more so to deliver understanding around what would call basic tasks required when constructing a simple business network.

So far we have shared at least 7 episodes and we love the feedback we have received. If you need to catch up with the episodes, then Let’s Build It Together

2. Training of staff and clients and adding new portfolios

Never underestimate the power of consistent training.  Training will always be a key strategy in building the capabilities and competencies of staff. We have also seen where training customized for the client and really applied to their environment yielded a lot more results.

For our staff, we continue to build practical scenarios that form part of the training plan for our engineer’s 1st qtr. Scenario based training in our view allows us to really demonstrate our ability to design and build a wide range of solutions while physically using the live equipment. No disrespect to certifications, which also form a part of out training strategy; its just that we also believe that the proof is really in the pudding… There is no substitute for using the actual equipment.

We continue to work with our customers so that they understand that the chances of success are greater as a team. Our Support Engagements are designed to complement the existing Technology Team rather than replace them. We believe that empowering their resources with the necessary skills and focusing on providing 2nd and 3rd level support is a much more sustainable model. This is one of the elements of our BLU Care Support Portfolio

3. Creation of Procedure Manuals

At Blu we recognized that we needed to strengthen our procedures so that our systems can support the work that we are generating. With the diligence of our team members, we have created specific procedure manuals that help us run smoothly and allow us to pass on training knowledge to any new member of our team.  This continues to be a work-in-progress but we are up to the challenge.

4. Increasing our Staff Capacity

Expansion is part of growth and that is what we are continually doing at BLU. We are expanding our team. As we push forward in 2020, it’s important that we find the right team members that will learn and grow with us. We take recruitment very seriously. This is where we get to select the right team players. We invest in our employees to ensure that they grow, and we are able to give our customers the best. We push hard, we work hard, we play hard and we grow together. Check out the vacancies here-  Send all applications to in**@bl************.com

We would love to hear your plans for 2020.  Give us your feedback in the comments.  You can also reach out to us via our website, 868-223-1576 or via email in**@bl************.com

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